To Master Multiplication Tables and other Math Facts:

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Information for Schools
Special Pricing and Funding Possibilities
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Pricing for Schools (purchase orders accepted)

I.  Normal Price:  $
NYC public schools
may use "Fastrack" system to order at special discounted price negotiated by NYCBOE. (Fastrack No.: 39-4094.60.3; Item: MT1A; listed under "Toys & Games and Instructional Materials", Flashmaster LLC's vendor #: FLA080)

II.    Charge for shipping (by U.S. Priority Mail) and handling:  $4.00 for the first unit & $1.50 for each additional unit in the same shipment (International shipments are charged at the same rate.  If a purchase order so specifies, shipments within the U.S. of at least 48 FlashMasters will be mailed by (slower) Parcel Post, and shipping and handling will be charged at $1.00 for each unit in the shipment. )

III.  Promotional price for first 6 FlashMasters:  If a conventional school has not previously purchased more than one FlashMaster and if it mentions that fact, it may order six (6) FlashMasters for $190.00, and shipping and handling of the 6 FlashMasters will be free.

IV.  Quantity discounts (off of the normal $ price):

15% discount ($42.45) for an order of at least 24*
20% discount ($39.96) for an order of at least 48*
25% discount ($37.46) for an order of at least 96*
28% discount ($35.96) for an order of at least 192*
30% discount ($34.96) for an order of at least 408*

*Same shipping and handling charges as specified in II above.  Normally, a single shipping address and a single buyer are necessary to qualify for a quantity discount.  6 FlashMasters purchased for the $190 (delivered) promotional price described in III (above) do not “count” toward the quantity requirements specified for quantity discounts, but if a school has not previously purchased more than one FlashMaster, it may purchase 6 for $190 (delivered) and simultaneously buy additional units with the benefit of a quantity discount based on the number of those additional units.

Note about shipping:  Normally, we are willing to ship as soon as we receive an appropriate purchase order.  If any clarification is needed, please email us at:   or leave voicemail at:  1-800-884-3531 (option 4)       or fax:  1-888-493-4320.

Note about faxed orders:  If a purchase order is faxed, please leave a voicemail or send an email mentioning the fax and your telephone number (in case there is a problem with the reception of the fax).

Funding Possibilities: 

            Click Here for Ideas For Obtaining Grants for FlashMasers

            Title I” and “IDEA” funds; and help from a local PTO or PTA 

            We are not experts on the funding sources mentioned below, but we do know that each of them has been used to provide schools with numerous FlashMasters.  We urge you to check with appropriate individuals in your school or school district about these possibilities.

            “IDEA” funding is under the "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act" and is very appropriate for funding FlashMasters for special education needs.  The federal government distributes money each year to each of the states, and school districts or schools then apply for IDEA funding from their state.

            “Title I” funding is under the federal "Elementary and Secondary Education Act".  It is given to schools that have a significant percentage of students who are from low-income homes.  Again, the funds are distributed by the federal government to each of the states which are in turn responsible for making grants to their school districts or schools.

            If these grant programs are not helpful, possibly a local Parent Teacher Organization or Parent Teacher Association (or even just an interested individual) will help.

Free In-Service Training

Although the FlashMaster® is very easy to learn how to operate, in-service training on the FlashMaster helps educators learn how to use it more effectively, so that students make even more progress and even less student and teacher time is needed to do so.

Chuck Resor (the inventor of the FlashMaster and the owner of FlashMaster LLC) will provide up to three free hours of in-service training to the educators of a school or school system that has purchased at least 24 FlashMasters in a single purchase, provided that the training is scheduled with Chuck to take place within 60 days of the purchase.  The training will be provided by telephone.  Chuck is willing to supplement this training with up to one hour of free training for parents of students.

If you would like Chuck to clarify any aspect of this in-service training program, please call him at 1-800-884-3531 or 1-307-690-8577.

 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee on 1st unit, $5 s&h INcluded (click) 

Math Facts” = Multiplication Tables, Division Tables, Addition Tables, and Subtraction Tables
The FlashMaster is the key to multiplication table mastery!

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