To Master Multiplication Tables and other Math Facts:

"Kids regard it as a 'GameBoy', but it is a little computer for practicing basic math facts"
A to Z Home's Cool homeschooling website (click for more)
"perfect in every way … without a doubt, the best math resource I've ever come across"  
Old Schoolhouse Magazine (click for more)
"simple yet engaging…none of our testers (age 6 to 16) wanted to relinquish the FlashMaster"
PC Magazine (click for more)
Multiplication Tables
Approximate dimensions: 7.3" X 4.3" X 0.8".
Weighs 11 ounces.

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  Great Schools website “2010 Golden Apple Award" "it manages to make practicing math facts addictive"
  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine "It is perfect in every way. ... It's Math Heaven. ...
       without a doubt, the best math resource I've ever come across"

♦  A to Z Home's Cool homeschooling website "Kids regard it as a Gameboy"
  Education Update "a godsend for any parent of a schoolage child ... actually quite addictive"
  The New York Times “Its gamelike attributes make arithmetic surprisingly engaging.”
  PC Magazine "none of our testers (age 6 to 16) wanted to relinquish the FlashMaster"
Mary Pride in Practical Homeschooling "Unlike other electronic drill gizmos a serious educational tool"
♦  Teaching Pre K-8 "perfect motivation to support … learning of math facts”
♦  W. E. Boston, Jr., CEO, American Public University System "We need millions of them in America"
♦  Chicago Tribune "takes on a gamelike feel … a fine tool"
♦  The Philadelphia Inquirer "the electronic answer to ... flash cards to teach children math"
♦  Detroit Free Press "addition, subtraction, multiplication or division at various skill levels"
Sacramento Bee "your kids will figure out how it works before you do"  
Santa Cruz Sentinel, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, News & Observer,
       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, San Diego Union Tribune other favorable reviews

  Children’s Software Revue “All Star Award” -- 2002 & 2003 "very intuitive, well labeled…sturdy…easy to read"
Homeschool with the Web "fun to use, game-like … a better value than Turbo Twist Math by Leap Frog"
"Dr. Toy" "Best Vacation Children's Product"; "children-essentially on their own-master the basic math facts"
The Home Educators' Guide "Bottom line, ... a great tool for your student ... anywhere, anytime"
Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page "This is a great tool, that's great fun ...."
ContraCostaTimes.Com Website "The kids love it! ... I strongly recommend this product."
  TheHomeSchoolMom.Com Website "my eight year old figured it out completely"
  The Busy Educator Website "will help students ages 7 and up with their math facts in a fun way"
  4HomeSchool.Info "Yes, the kids are fighting over who gets to do math!  They love it!"
Education World "observations and experiences of independent teacher volunteers"
  Homeschooling Today "most helpful, engaging tool for young mathematicians"
  Homeschooling Horizons Magazine "neatest learning tool to hit the homeschooling market"
  Christian Homeschooling Community "a five-star resource"
  Eclectic Homeschool Online "he loves it even more than his occasional Gameboy" "It's almost $50, but worth every penny of it!" -- awarded 5 of 5 possible stars
  Every Party Under the Sun "nifty device helps children learn … in a fun way"
 Education Clearinghouse Review Center "a product that has solved the math dilemma"
♦  2nd-grade teacher Linda Carrey average SAT-9 score of her 16 students rose from 32% to 47% "highly recommended"
  Home School Enrichment "big fan of this little gadget"
  Christian Character Matters "so simple to use"
  XBOX Wife blog (Jill Brownstone) "This little gadget was a miracle worker!"

  Users' Comments

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Excerpts from April 2004 product review on its website by Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor

If … you plan to teach them math, you're going to want the Flashmaster. This may end up sounding more like a commercial than a review; … It is perfect in every way. …. It's Math Heaven … I love it! …This is the first math product that I've ever found that I've honestly felt like it was a 'must have'. … This is no exaggeration! I am thoroughly impressed, and cannot stop telling every homeschooler I know about it. Get this product! It is, without a doubt, the best math resource I've ever come across.

"Publisher's Note"

My husband and I are thrilled with FlashMaster. Never have we found a tool so handy for teaching math drills. With nine levels covering all four math learning areas, we finally feel like our children are getting the timed drills they need on a regular basis. All four of our kids use it daily. We love it- Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Comments made about the FlashMaster by Ann Zeise in her website
A to Z Home's Cool homeschooling website

Kids regard it as a “GameBoy,” but it is a little computer for practicing basic math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Education Update
Excerpts from Mitchell Levine’s September 2003 magazine and website article titled

Product Review:  Flashmaster Electronic Math Tutorial

This tutorial device is a godsend for any parent of a schoolage child .... [T]his surprisingly diverting resource is actually quite addictive.

The Flashmaster has received rave reviews from such diverse and venerated pillars as Education Week, The New York Times, and Mary Pride in Practical Homeschooling (when's the last time all of them agreed on anything)? Education Update recommends that any parent, teacher, or home educator with school-age children allows their child to develop the computational confidence that comes with basic mastery, while hav[ing] a disconcerting amount of fun while doing it.


The New York Times
Excerpts from Susan Stellin’s August 15, 2002 Article Titled

STUDY AIDS; Device Helps Make Arithmetic Appealing to the Game-Inclined

 If you suspect that all those electronic gadgets for children are only good for wasting time with games, check out the FlashMaster, a digital alternative to flashcards that helps teach basic math skills. … Its gamelike attributes make arithmetic surprisingly engaging. … At the end of a practice session or a test, the total score is displayed. Snooping parents can push a button to see the results of the last nine activities; another button calls up drills in problems that were answered incorrectly. (emphasis added)

PC Magazine
Excerpts from Carol A. Mangis's May 27, 2003 Article Titled

Learn Math in a Flash

Kids who are learning math basics-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division-can hone their skills with the FlashMaster, a simple yet engaging handheld computing device. You can practice in several customizable modes .... The FlashMaster gives feedback after each activity and remembers results of the previous nine activities. Surprisingly, it really is fun to use; none of our testers (age 6 to 16) wanted to relinquish the FlashMaster.  (emphasis added)

Mary Pride in Practical Homeschooling
Excerpt from lead article in “Hot! Products” section of May/June 2003 issue (#53)

The academic area homeschool kids are worst at, according to the results of national standardized tests:
timed arithmetic drill.  What the Flashmaster is:  a hand-held electronic math drill product that kids can operate on their own. ... Unlike other electronic drill gizmos we've seen, the FlashMaster is a serious educational tool.  ... Obviously a lot of love and a lot of engineering went into this product! ...[H]ere is a quick and easy, highly motivational, way to speed up those arithmetic skills.
  (emphasis added)

Teaching Pre-K-8
Excerpt from Linda K. Lindroth January 27, 2007 Article under “Tech Spotlight”

Learn Math in a Flash

With the popularity of video games and handhelds, the FlashMaster® is a perfect motivation to support independent student learning of math facts. The 11-ounce device has six learning modes for increasing speed while learning basic math facts. The three-step process is clearly marked on the handheld and the navigation makes it easy for students of all ages to focus on up to nine levels for each math operation. Fact practice can be timed or untimed, random problems or the last 15 missed …. A "See Results" key lets the teacher monitor results for each of the last nine activities.

Comments made about the FlashMaster in the blog of Wallace E. Boston, Jr., Pres. and CEO
American Public University System website
(providing distance learning through the American Public University and American Military University)

The other day, my wife and I were at a friend’s house and he showed us an electronic device called FlashMaster. His daughter was having trouble with her math facts and her fifth grade teacher recommended that her parents purchase one of these devices. I liked it as well and purchased one for my daughters... [F]or those of you who think that today’s elementary school programs do not teach the basic fundamentals of math (math facts) and whose children do not respond well to flash cards, this is the tool for you.

Our girls enjoy using the device and challenge each other with how many questions they could answer correctly in a sixty second, 150 second, or 180 second time period. I am confident that they will improve their math facts while playing with the Flashmaster….Chuck, many thanks for inventing this device. I wish that I had. I think it is one of the best tools for improving basic math skills and I think we need millions of them in America, particularly in elementary classrooms.

Chicago Tribune
(James Coates, Sept. 23, 2002)

If you know a youngster who needs a kick start to do basic arithmetic, point … to …where … Flashmaster LLC offers a … simple gadget to coach … multiplication tables , basic addition, subtraction and division. …The $50 FlashMaster is an 11-ounce gadget … that handles all the drills that earlier generations learned by grade school flashcards.  … The thing takes on a gamelike feel … to reward or prod the user.  Sounds can be muted and … an earphone jack that can be used in the car on family trips...a fine tool (emphasis added).

The Philadelphia Inquirer
(John L. Fried, July 24, 2003)

So now we have the electronic answer to ... flash cards to teach children math. And a good thing, too: This 11-ounce hand-held computer can do all sorts of things that paper flash cards cannot. ... It can display a variety of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication exercises. It allows children to work by themselves, but retains their work so parents or teachers can review it later. It can be set to give timed practices or timed tests. (emphasis added)

Detroit Free Press
(Aug. 25, 2002)

[C]heck out the FlashMaster …. This 7-by-4 inch hand-held device can be set for practice sessions or tests in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division at various skill levels, Once an activity and a skill level are selected, a series of problems appear on the screen. … The FlashMaster responds to answers with screen messages and sounds that can be muted when necessary.

Sacramento Bee
(Elizabeth Kemper, July 27, 2003)

FlashMaster, the winner of many awards ..., is a handy little $49 machine that can help with basic addition up to ... division. ... [Y]our kids will figure out how it works before you do, so just let 'em at it. Luckily the machine keeps track of missed problems. Kids are given the missed equation(s) ... until they get it right, and you get to keep track of progress. My third-grade niece played with this for days before she realized she was doing homework, and my sister learned a lot about what areas need the most amount of attention.  (emphasis added)

Other Favorable Reviews in:

Santa Cruz Sentinel (Aug. 19, 2002)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Aug. 25, 2002)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Aug. 26, 2002)
News & Observer (Aug. 26, 2002)
San Diego Union Tribune (Oct. 14, 2002)

Children’s Software Revue
Reviews the FlashMaster and Awards It the Magazine’s
“All Star Award”

All Star Award 2002 & 2003

Following is what the May/June 2002 issue said about the FlashMaster:

On page 6, under "Smart Toys... Smart Kids", the magazine lists, by subject area, recommendations for summer-vacation use: "Here's a roundup of our favorite skill-boosting gadgets that the kids will actually want to use."

There are two well-designed gadgets that will help children enhance both speed and accuracy of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. FlashMaster (4.4 stars, FlashMaster LLC, ages 6-up, $, 307-733-8577, is a lightweight, compact, handheld device that quizzes kids on their number facts. It's very easy to use, and quite customizable. You can select from all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and can zero-in on specific fact families. Progress is recorded in a memory bank that shows the results of the last nine activities. We found the gadget very intuitive, well labeled, and sturdy, too, with large keys and easy to read LCD screen. [The paragraph then describes Turbo Twist Math by LeapFrog as the second and only other recommendation for math. Both this product and the FlashMaster are shown (on pages 20 and 21 as winners of the "All Star Awards", but Turbo Twist Math is classified as "Early Elementary" and the FlashMaster as "Upper E"left"> Then on page 16 under "Smart Toys" (accompanied by a color photo of the FlashMaster):

FlashMaster LLC …that shows the results of the last nine activities. We found the device very intuitive, well-labeled, and sturdy, too, with large keys and easy to read LCD screen. Sound effects can be turned on and off. In appearance, the device resembles a calculator, which we see as a strength in that older kids won't be put off by a toy-like look. We wished there was a sign-in feature to track individual children's progress, but this is a minor issue for home use. If your child needs extra, straightforward practice on math facts, we highly recommend this product. (Keep it in the car for some quick math facts practice.) Visit

On page 21, the FlashMaster is listed under "Upper Elementary (grades 3-5)" as the winner of the magazine's "All Star Award" (sometimes also referred to as the "All Star Software" award) "based on the recommendations of CSR editors and testers".

Home School with the Web
Excerpts from review of July 17, 2003

No more missing flashcards!

We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and functionality of FlashMaster. ... All of the children who tested the FlashMaster in our trial were able to figure out approximately 85% of it on their own in under 15 minutes. They reported it as being fun to use, game-like and much more interesting than flash card drills.

We ... found a better value than Turbo Twist Math[®] by Leap Frog[®] ... well thought out in design, versatile and very useful. ... so many features to FlashMaster that they can not all be covered in a short review.

"Dr. Toy" (Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.)
(The Institute for Childhood Resources in San Francisco, California)
"Best Vacation Children's Product" for 2003

Following is an excerpt from “Dr. Toy’s” comments about the FlashMaster when it was
selected by the Institute for Childhood Resources as a “Best Vacation Children’s
Product”for 2003:

                   The FlashMaster is a fun 11-ounce handheld computer with a large, clear display that helps children—
                   essentially on their own—master the basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
                   ... It enables the busy parent to check quickly and in detail the work that their child has done. This product
                   comes highly recommended. It will help your child to improve their mathematical abilities and gain confidence.

Review of the FlashMaster by

Following is what the August 2002 issue said about the FlashMaster:

Quite often we receive emails and letters to review websites for home educating products and services. Now, for at least one of our students (!!), math isn’t exactly the subject of choice, but a necessary evil! A few months ago, a product came along claiming to help a child master math facts in flash card style but with a handheld computer.

The day we received the FlashMaster, every one of us had to check it out! It only took a few seconds to study the layout, choose a learning activity, a problem type, whether timed or not, and ‘Start’! Of course, there are many other options to choose from. Bottom line, this is a great tool for your student to take anywhere, anytime. Just a few minutes a day helps your student to master their math facts. The best part is, they’ll have fun and a second person doesn’t have to be around to flash the cards or check the answers! Feedback is immediate.

We’ve used different learning aides in the past: flash cards, “multiplication bingo”, “multiplication wrap-ups”, and other tools. Each one has helped in varying degrees. The FlashMaster is a great learning tool, even when it’s just “lying around” for someone to pick up just to “doodle” with for a few minutes. After all, isn’t home schooling quite often a child learning when they do not realize they are learning?! The FlashMaster is a good replacement for your traditional flash cards.

Here’s the lowdown on the FlashMaster (taken from their website,

It’s easy to understand and operate. On their own, students master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. No more than 10 minutes per day is required of the student, with minimal supervision (none during practice). The “See Results” key makes it easy to evaluate in detail at any time and anywhere, each of the 9 latest “activities”. Timed or untimed tests may be taken. You can even print a form from their website to record results and assignments.

Students are motivated by the automatic display of results at the end of each activity and by later “reviewability” of 9 activities by you. It is an extremely efficient use of your students’ time. There is no time wasted by distracting computer games, by unnecessary keystrokes, or by tedious and time-consuming “rewards”. Your student really can use the FlashMaster anywhere and at any time—the car, the kitchen, break time, campouts, during TV commercials, etc.

The FlashMaster really is a unique and fun math aide. Visit their website today to see a picture of the FlashMaster and read about all its many uses. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Remember, Christmas is coming up, too!

(Note: In case you’re wondering, we do not receive any compensation whatsoever from Flashmaster LLC. We just thought it was a really neat educational tool to share with you!)

Written by Ericka & Craig Brown of THE HOME EDUCATORS’ GUIDE (a monthly publication of Home School Organizers—

Recommendation of the FlashMaster by
Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page

A toy, a learning tool... both.  FlashMaster replaces flash cards for +-*/ math facts.   Use it with or without the timer (or make it longer, for kids who need some limits, but a little more time), with or without sound effects, problems that are missed can be run separately in "missed problems."  Change the format of the problems, putting the "variable" in any position.  This is a great tool, that's great fun, even for our twice exceptional friends...

Review of the FlashMaster by Mary Ann Kelley, Editor
(August, 2003)

This summer I had the opportunity to test a new math resource called the FlashMaster. At first glance I was unsure of how my girls would react to this little electronic device. The FlashMaster measures about 5"x7" and has the ability to give timed tests, timed practice, and timed flashcards. It also has the ability to drill addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division tables either in order and out of order. Because it offers both timed and untimed functions, it is easy for children to use in a way that makes them most comfortable. It looks quite busy, with several rows of buttons and lots of notations. Undaunted, my 5 year old grabbed it from me and within a couple of minutes (and with a little help from her mom with the reading part), she had deduced how to set up the FlashMaster to quiz her on math facts at her ability level. Without any instructions from me (which is how the teacher's guide recommends introducing the FlashMaster), my 8 year old figured it out completely. The FlashMaster quickly became a favorite take along for long car rides and waiting at ballet lessons, among other times. If I just tuck it in my bag without a word, the children quickly spy its familiar shape and ask to play with it. The FlashMaster is $ and includes a 60-day money back guarantee (which includes a refund of shipping and handling).  (emphasis added)

Excerpt of the Review of the FlashMaster by Marjan Glavac
The Busy Educator Website
(August, 2003)

The FlashMaster is a lightweight (11 ounce), handheld, easy to use electronic device that has an incredible number of features to help students with their math facts including: 6 learning activities, 8 per activity time limits, 10 per problem time limits, 9 levels and 10 or more tables for each of its 4 arithmetic operations, 3 problem formats, ability to practice the 15 most recently missed problems, a very useful guide for teachers and parents and more. 

The FlashMaster ... will help students ages 7 and up with their math facts in a fun, engaging and challenging way.

Comments Made about the FlashMaster by Editor of

We received our FlashMaster two days ago.   Yes, the kids are fighting over who gets to do math!  They love it!  My second grader is actually taking the initiative to teach herself new math problems.  The FlashMaster lets me go in and check all her scores for that session of playing too.  I keep a running track of it, and it is proof they are both learning the basics of math with this little wonder!  Great way to teach with Fun Learning!...
We are on month two with our FlashMaster.  It is great!  My second grader is taking to multiplication like it was child's play!

Homeschooling Today
Excerpts from review in Nov/Dec 2003 issue

[My six-year-old son would] quickly figured out how to get the little machine going, and while he needed some help to figure out how to turn off the time function, he didn't want any further assistance after that. … The little gadget is small enough to take along in the car or a totebag, and what is especially nice is that the instructions have been placed permanently on the back …!  As a mother who has picked up more bent and chewed paper flashcards than she can count, I find the FlashMaster a most helpful, engaging tool for young mathematicians.  (emphasis added)

Excerpt from Review by Angie Blackman
Homeschooling Horizons Magazine
Summer 2004 Issue

I haven't seen people, both adults and children, react to something with such consistent excitement as they did when I brought out FlashMaster … [M]y "test subjects" were just itching to get their turn. … Is FlashMaster only of interest to those math loving homeschoolers?  No way! … The Game Boy wasn't even touched. … I am more than sure that this is the neatest learning tool to hit the homeschooling market, and it'll have your kids buzzing as well.

Excerpt from Review by Mrs. Joseph Wood
Christian Homeschooling Community website

I have never seen a program for drilling math facts that has ever been this much fun and … this successful! ... FlashMaster® has truly come to the "math phobic" child's rescue! … easily set … to your child's personal skill level, building the confidence needed to succeed. … aids the parent and/or teacher in creating sessions designed to address the areas needing attention most; storing up to fifteen math facts … missed in previous drill sessions. … Your children will enjoy … seeing their scores improve while you will enjoy seeing your child's confidence skyrocket.    a five-star resource 

Eclectic Homeschool Online
Excerpts from review in February 2004

[M]y nine-year-old son grabbed it, and he has continued to use it over many weeks!  … [H]e loves it even more than his occasional Gameboy, and it's much more educational.  He wanted me to tell everyone...that he can 'bring it anywhere' ….  Dubbed as 'The Affordable 11-Ounce Computer That Replaces Flashcards' …, Flashmaster does just that ... [T]his little tool [is] excitingly simple and convenient.  … extremely easy to use ... fit[s] inside a mom's purse … jacket pocket … even … glove compartment, so that your child always has an exciting, interesting ... and most importantly, an educational activity handy.  (emphasis added)

Review of the FlashMaster by Linda Carrey, Editor

TIP 6 – Get a FlashMaster (a new electronic device for learning math facts): This nifty device helps children learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts in a fun way.
[Click on the above address to read the entire review.]

Two Reviews of the FlashMaster in
The Education Clearinghouse Product Review Center
(aka Education Explorations, LLC)

 FLASHMASTER: Quick, intuitive, easy to use, FUN!, great product!


Tired of losing flashcards? Do your children get bored using the same old format? Now you can spark new interest with the help of Flashmaster! This intuitive little computer makes learning math so much fun! Created to simulate / replace flashcards, your child can now learn their math facts on their own with little or no help, depending on their age.

Flashmaster is lightweight, affordable, easy to use and offers so much power inside this little box. All ages will find this a fun tool to learn by and review their math facts with.

Flashmaster allows the parent or teacher to monitor progress … with complete details on the work completed by the student.

Now your child can learn at home or in the car and enjoy it! No more "OH NO! NOT MATH AGAIN!!?!?!?" Now they will be asking to "play" Flashmaster!

We found this product to be of great value and great quality. Easy to use as well as fun to use. All ages will enjoy it and it will endure through the use by multiple children, because the quality it has been designed with.


Addition, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction - all at the touch of a button! Now THAT is math that "adds up" to fun!

This is a tool that any child can use without a parent or teacher's help. With the touch of a button a child can choose the category and skill level desired and begin to learn on their own. Then, once they are done, their parent or teacher can check what they have done and see what areas need more study/practice/review.

This is a handy product that allows one the freedom to take math practice with them, wherever they go.

Our children love using Flashmaster and it has become a part of our daily math routine. I have also found they ask to use it once the day of "school" is complete. This is an added benefit that normal curriculum does not usually render.

Thank you, Flashmaster, for a product that has solved the math dilemma.

Review by second-grade teacher Linda Carrey
Horizon Elementary, Broward County, Florida

Hardware Review
Submitted by Linda Carrey
Teacher, Grade 2
Horizon Elementary

Title: FlashMaster
Publisher: Flashmaster LLC, P.O. Box 9321, Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83002
Sunshine State Standards: MA.D.2.1.1, MA.A.3.1.1, MA.A.

I first read about the FlashMaster, an 11 oz. handheld computing device that replaces flashcards for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, in the May 27, 2003 issue of PC Magazine. Intrigued, I wrote a TDIF grant in June for eight FlashMasters to use in my second grade classroom.

The FlashMaster is well labeled with large keys and an easy to read LCD screen. Six yellow keys display the learning activities: 1) "Table: In Order”; 2) “Table: No Order”; 3) "Practice", 4) "Test", 5) "Flashcards", and 6) "Special Problems"; and three white buttons allow the user to select the arithmetic operation (+, -, ´, or ¸), the “Level” or “Table” from which problems are generated, and the time limit for answering correctly. Using the FlashMaster is a snap: After pressing the On button, step 1: push a yellow key to select a learning activity; step 2: push the white keys to select an operation, level or time; and step 3: push the green “Start” key. The “Special Problems” key reviews problems that have been either recently missed or manually entered and the “See Results” key allows teachers and students to view the number and percentage of problems answered correctly.

My [second-grade] students in 2003-4 ranged from low to average in math abilities. Eleven of the 16 children who took the SAT-9 in first grade scored below 40%. The average score for the class was 32%. The students used the FlashMasters enthusiastically throughout the day as they completed assignments and during center times. Did the FlashMasters improve their mathematical abilities? The scores for the 16 students rose from 517 to 751 and climbed to an average of 47%, an increase of fifteen percentage points.  (emphasis added)

Excerpts from Two Reviews of the FlashMaster from
Homeschool Christian Website

Martha Robinson's Recommendation:

Flashmaster is excellent for homeschooling families. While relieving parents of the pain of drills, it makes practice more fun for youngsters. Because of its size and the ability to turn off the sound, it is perfect for families on the go. A great deal of engineering and skill went into the development of Flashmaster, as evidenced by how easy it is to use. This is a product that will fit in well with today's students.

Mary Leggewie's Recommendation:

I am very pleased with the results using the Flashmaster, particularly with my middle son, who tends to freak out with anything that pressures him into hurrying. While he knows he is timed for his drills, he can focus on the task at hand without worrying about the pressure of a race format. My two boys have used it daily for the past 6 months. Highly recommended.

Home School Enrichment
Excerpts from Nov/Dec 2006 product review

My first thought when I received the FlashMaster for review was that I did not want or need this product. .... However, after just a short time of playing with the FlashMaster, I quickly changed my mind and became a big fan of this little gadget. Picture a “game-boy” type of hand-held computer with a surprisingly amazing ability to capture your student’s attention while he is learning all the math facts from the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

Christian Character Matters website

We have been looking for a product that would help teach math facts. There are many computer programs out there - but young children end up spending the bulk of their time limit trying to find the proper keys on the keyboard. The Flashmaster eliminates that issue. Best of all - this is the one product our children have enjoyed using (my husband too). We ended up having a late night showdown. You can see all of the options (they seem endless) available. It is so simple to use…. We will no longer be doing time tests on paper every morning - the FlashMaster is here! 

XBOX Wife blog (Jill Brownstone)
This little gadget was a miracle worker!

It has so many different functions ~ I couldn't even begin to describe all of them. Basically, it is a set of electronic flashcards, but is OH, SO MUCH MORE! Tornado loved using it, and STILL uses it, because it is like having a really cool hand held game. Twister has even gotten in on the fun. To be honest...I'VE even gotten in on the fun! (Mr. Brownstone is a math WHIZ, but I'm sure if he didn't have XBOX, he might be drawn into the greatness that is Flashmaster, as well!)


Golden Apple Award”

Our 2010 Wild Card Winner—a toy not formally submitted but nominated by our kid testers and experts—lacks the gloss and glamour of many new learning toys. No matter. …Slick it ain’t, but FlashMaster delivers crucial learning.

Even better, it manages to make practicing math facts addictive. With timed and untimed settings for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a GameBoy-size gadget that keeps track of kids’ progress for parents and teachers. FlashMaster can be enjoyed by grade schoolers any time, any place. (Hello car trip!) When children are required to master their multiplication tables, it will be more than just another gadget—it may transform their math experience.


Math Facts” = Multiplication Tables, Division Tables, Addition Tables, and Subtraction Tables
The FlashMaster is the key to multiplication table mastery!









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