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Multiplication Tables
Approximate dimensions: 7.3" X 4.3" X 0.8".
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Masters of the FlashMaster® Challenge

The following students and teachers have mastered the FlashMaster Challenge, and their parents have granted permission for them to be included, mentioned and, in some cases, pictured here. Since this page was thought of in June of 2004--almost 2 1/2 years after the first FlashMaster was sold--it includes only some of the Masters of the Challenge, but it's a start.

What is the "FlashMaster Challenge"? To meet the FlashMaster Challenge a person must score at least 90% on a FlashMaster when it is set for the "Timed Flashcards" learning activity, multiplication, Level 7, at least 30 problems, and THE ONE-SECOND PER-PROBLEM TIME LIMIT. (The fact that a student has mastered the Challenge must be confirmed by her or his teacher.)

Two students at the Landisville Intermediate Center in Landisville, Pennsylvania mastered the "FlashMaster Challenge" in the fall of 2009. One of them, Jack, is pictured here. The photo shows a result of 93% correct—not bad at only one second per problem in multiplication at Level 7. Later his teacher informed us that Jack had subsequently scored at least 90% numerous times, including scores of 100%.

I thought the Flashmasters were very fun and challenging.
- Jack



Four members of the third grade in West Elementary School in East Rochester, Ohio, have mastered the FlashMaster Challenge in the 2004/2005 school year. They include:

I like FlashMasters because they are challenging. I also like them because they are fun. I stay in at recess to do them.


The following Masters from West Elementary School, in East Rochester, Ohio, were 6 of the school's 47 fourth graders in the 2003/2004 school year. They and many of their classmates--many of whom also made great progress--voluntarily practiced on 6 FlashMasters during their lunch and recess periods. The teacher, Polly Jones, who was the source of these students’ inspiration, has permitted me to mention that she, too, took on and ultimately mastered the FlashMaster Challenge. Doing so, she said, made her “that much more proud of [her] students!”


I like FlashMasters because they are very challenging and can improve your multiplying, adding, subtracting, and dividing.  FlashMasters have helped me improve my multiplication.  It is very fun.  - Nicholas


I like the FlashMaster.  I passed every time.  Everyone should buy one!  - Melissa


I love to be challenged!  - Amber


FlashMasters are really fun, especially if you have kids, because it is a great way to learn.  - Sadie


FlashMasters are awesome!  I skip my recess to go do it.  I go there for lunch sometimes.  Now I have one of my own.  – Nick


FlashMasters are enjoyable.  I miss my whole recess to go to FlashMasters!  I tried and passed every level and won one of my own!  I didn’t know my 4’s, 8’s, or 7’s, and I learned them from FlashMasters!  It’s a wonderful way to learn.  - Ashley

Math Facts” = Multiplication Tables, Division Tables, Addition Tables, and Subtraction Tables
The FlashMaster is the key to multiplication table mastery!

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