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Frequently Asked and Anticipated Questions

(Always feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.)



Will you ship FlashMasters to addresses outside the United States?



Yes, we will mail FlashMasters to almost all countries other than those specified in Exceptions #1, #2, #3, and #4 below.

Click here for information about additional charges for shipping and handling and about duty, taxes, etc. that might be charged by governments of the countries to which the FlashMasters are shipped.


Payment for international orders must be made either by credit card or by a bank check, money order or wire denominated in United States dollars.


All instructions and labeling relating to the FlashMaster are in English only.

Exception #1: We cannot ship to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. Explanation: Because of new European Union recycling requirements, we are prevented from shipping FlashMasters to these EU countries. But it is our understanding that residents of these countries may lawfully purchase FlashMasters elsewhere and then bring the FlashMasters back into these countries.


Exception #2: We cannot ship to individuals in the Republic of Ireland, BUT WE CAN SHIP TO SCHOOLS THERE. Explanation: Because of new European Union recycling requirements, we can ship FlashMasters only to schools and businesses in the Republic of Ireland and not to individuals there, but it is our understanding that individuals may lawfully purchase FlashMasters elsewhere and then bring them back into Ireland.


Exception #3: We cannot ship to Puerto Rico, BUT FlashMasters can be purchased from our distributor/reseller for Puerto Rico: Camera Mundi, Inc.

Contact for quotes: Sandra Pérez
Telephone: 787-743-4876 or 787-653-4876 extension 231
Fax: 787-746-4979
Physical Address:
Camera Mundi, Inc.
Reparto Industrial Cartagena
Frente a Villa Blanca
Carretera #1, KM 34.1
Caguas, PR 00726

Exception #4: We cannot ship to Cuba. Explanation: United States law.


Does the FlashMaster come with batteries?



The FlashMaster comes with 2 AA alkaline batteries. They are excellent batteries and I have received nothing but good reports about them. A teacher who received her FlashMasters in August reported that they ran with constant usage through June without replacement. Another teacher reported that after fairly intensive use, some batteries needed to be replaced after five months.



I followed “STEP 1” by pushing a yellow key to select a “learning activity”, but nothing happened. Why not?



Before “STEP 1” is taken, the FlashMaster must be “on”.  If it is not already “on”, push the “ON/OFF” key to turn it “on”.  If pushing the “ON/OFF” key does not turn the FlashMaster “on”, make sure there are two new size‑AA alkaline batteries properly installed in its battery compartment.  (See page 3 of the printed manual or click here). 



Can a FlashMaster be sent by FedEx (instead of by U.S. Priority Mail)?



Click here


Why won't the FlashMaster display problems when I push the "START" key?



Possibly the FlashMaster has not been turned "on".  (See answer to QUESTION #3 above.)


Or more likely, the "Special Problems" learning activity is selected and no problems (missed or "entered") are in memory, in which case "NO PROBLEMS IN MEMORY" will be displayed.  If so, push any one of the yellow (learning activity) keys other than the "SPECIAL PROBLEMS" key and then push the "START" key.  (Later read about the "Special Problems" learning activity on page 16 of the printed manual (the "Guide for Teachers and Parents") or click here). 



I see "NO PROBLEMS IN MEMORY" on the display of my FlashMaster. Is it broken?



No. See the second paragraph of the answer to Question #5 above.



The FlashMaster is not storing missed problems (i.e., incorrectly answered problems) in its memory. Why not? (I want to practice those problems using the “Special Problems” learning activity.)



This is because there is at least one “entered problem" (i.e., a problem that someone has entered with the “ENTER PROBLEMS” key) in the FlashMaster’s “Missed and “Entered” Problems Memory".  When an “entered” problem is stored in this memory, the FlashMaster will not store missed problems in memory.  Therefore, it is necessary to push the “Erase: Missed and “Entered” Problems” key.  Doing so will remove all problems stored in the memory and allow the FlashMaster to store missed problems (i.e., incorrectly answered problems) so that these problems can later be practiced by means of the “Special Problems” activity.



My child has advanced beyond the “Table: In Order” and “Table: No Order” learning activities but is made to feel very anxious and pressured by even the 180-second time limit. Is there a way to use the “Timed Practice”, “Timed Test” and “Special Problems” activities without a time limit?



Not exactly, but one possible solution is to select the 180-second time limit and then to “hide” its countdown by pressing the “Hide or Show: Countdown of Time Limits” key located above the “2” number key. The “Timed Practice”, “Timed Test” or “Special Problems” activity will still terminate after 180 seconds, but often users are not bothered because 180 seconds constitute quite a long time to continually answer problems and because many users tend to forget about (or at least not be bothered by) the time limit since it is so long and since there is not a countdown to remind them of it.



Is there a cover for the FlashMaster®?



For a number of reasons, we do not make a cover for the FlashMaster. But if you want a case for it, following are two possibilities: (1) purchase a Nintendo DS™ Game Traveler® Model NDS700® from a store like KMart® or Radio Shack® for possibly as little as $9.99 (This case is somewhat larger than necessary.); or (2) purchase on Ebay® or elsewhere a “graphing calculator case” previously sold by Staples® (The dimensions of this particular case are 5 5/8” by 9 1/8” by 1 1/4”). (Although the FlashMaster should not be treated like a basketball and drops on hard surfaces and other abuse should obviously be avoided, it is fairly durable. Its liquid crystal display (LCD) is its most vulnerable part.)



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