To Master Multiplication Tables and other Math Facts:

"Kids regard it as a 'GameBoy', but it is a little computer for practicing basic math facts"
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1.         Place the FlashMaster on a table or desk and sit up straight.

2.         In answering addition and multiplication problems, use the index finger of both hands (unless you touch-type answers with 8 fingers).

3.         Especially when using a short per-problem time limit, remember that you really get 0.2 additional seconds for 2-digit answers (such as for the problem 4 X 3 = ?) and 0.3 additional seconds for 3-digit answers (such as for 10 X 10 = ?). Therefore, don't panic when a problem has a multi-digit answer.

4.         If you make a mistake, the FlashMaster gives you a little extra time before the next problem is presented (therefore, don't panic).

5.         If you make a mistake, put it behind you and get ready for the next problem. Try not to let worrying about a past mistake result in your making another one.

6.         Don't move your fingers until the entire answer is in your head.

7.         If you are trying to master a particular per-problem time limit (for example 1.6 seconds), occasionally practice with an even shorter one (for example, 1.3 seconds)—realizing that your score will probably be low. This is sort of a "stretching" technique.

8.         Have a sense of humor.

Math Facts” = Multiplication Tables, Division Tables, Addition Tables, and Subtraction Tables
The FlashMaster is the key to multiplication table mastery!