To Master Multiplication Tables and other Math Facts:

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             Note: Before beginning an assignment, students should activate the "Erase: Results" key and often also the "Erase: Missed and "Entered" Problems" key.

Below is one possible assignment for a student who has almost mastered the multiplication tables:

1.         "Practice": 60 seconds; multiplication; Level 5 (emphasizing the most difficult problems with single-digit operands)
2.         Same as above except:  90 seconds
3.         "Test": 75 seconds; multiplication; Level 7 (0 X 0 through 10 X 10, but the more difficult a problem, the more often it appears)
4.         "Flashcards": multiplication; Level 7; 2.0-seconds per-problem Time Limit; "default" setting of 30 problems
5.         Same as above except: 1.6-seconds per-problem
6.         "Special Problems": 90 seconds (to concentrate on problems answered incorrectly in the previous activities)


Math Facts” = Multiplication Tables, Division Tables, Addition Tables, and Subtraction Tables
The FlashMaster is the key to multiplication table mastery!